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Couto Toothpaste

Couto Toothpaste

Made in Portugal and still showcasing the original 1930s vintage packaging, Pasta Dentifrica Couto, formerly known as Pasta medicinal Couto, remains an iconic product in Portuguese hearts and minds. A look into the Couto factory, located in the north of Portugal, in Vila Nova de Gaia, one begins to understand what it takes to make a product a classic.

Couto toothpaste was created in Porto (Portugal) by doctor Alberto Ferreira Couto on June 13th 1932. The doctor, with the help of a friend who was a dentist, created a toothpaste that would not only clean the teeth but also help to disinfect the mouth, paying particular attention to the health of the gums. With its antiseptic properties, it fights mouth infections as well as inflammations, all this to improve overall hygiene and prevent cavities.
The formula has remained untouched since its debut in 1932.

The toothpaste has played an important role in changing the oral hygiene habits of the Portugueses and was equally important in revolutionizing the concept of product advertising. The iconic image of a man holding and spinning a wooden chair in his mouth (a promised claimed by the amazing medical strength of the toothpaste itself) remains a classic image that still represents the product today.

In today’s market Couto’s main export clients are both the USA and Italy, and the product is found in speciality markets and supermarkets around Portugal.